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An Update about COVID-19

To our valued customers and staff members,

As March turns into April, I was hoping to have the ability to reopen our bowling entertainment centers on April 1st. But as you are very aware by now, the constantly changing and grim news concerning COVID-19 just makes reopening an impossibility at this time. As I’ve said since day one of this crisis, there is no price that can be put on the SAFETY of our guests and staff. Safety will always be Priority #1 for me and my company.

At this time, there is no way to predict when the green light will be given to start the reopening process. So we are basically closed until further notice. We will continue to monitor both governmental and health officials briefings daily. We know state and local officials are grappling with decisions concerning shelter-in-place, stay at home and greater social distancing rules. We will abide by whatever decision is made because frankly we aren’t experts in the field of deadly viruses.

I promise to stay in touch during the coming days and weeks. My sincere hope is that you, your family and friends remain safe and well!

Pat Ciniello
Bowland & HeadPinz Entertainment Centers

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Event Reservations
If you have questions related to group functions, birthday party and private events please contact us at one of the following email addresses:
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Regular reservations and any other questions

If you have questions related to open bowling reservations or anything else, please contact us via the Guest Relations email:

Guest Relations

If you wish to speak with a representative, or book for a later date, please contact us at our call center:

Call Center

As always, the employee hotline is available. If you do not have the number, you can find it at the top of the employee portal. Please call into it for assitance.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time we have had no known cases connected to our Centers, whether it be via employees or guests. If we do learn of any cases connected to our Centers, we will show full disclosure to the public for public safety purposes.
If you are a league bowler, please contact your league officers to find out the status of your league. We have encouraged all leagues to consider postponing for the next few weeks to see what happens with the virus.
All reservations that have been paid for will be fully refunded, if the reservations were during a mandatory closure period. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us via one of the relevant email addresses above.
If you have a party or group function scheduled in the next 3 weeks at one of our centers, please contact your event planner to discuss potential options
Although our Center’s are family owned, we have an obligation to abide by rules set forth by our Government in name of public health. We will open our Center’s accordingly, in order to ensure the safety of our Guests and employees.
If you are a regular guest of Nemo’s Sports, know that we are currently working with our food and beverage suppliers to be prepared if the decision is made to shut down operations for the short term. If you watch the news, you know that other states are mandating the closure of restaurants and bars. We will remain open just as long as it’s safe to do so.
The staff that helps to run our Center as a Team are one of our main priorities. We have plans set in place to assist them if in need, and will also help lead them to the appropriate Federal and State programs that may become available.
As always, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our Centers. We are continuing to sanitize all games, seating areas, shoes, countertops, balls and fingerholes throughout this time. We have special staff that is appropriated to the sanitation of our Centers.